Packers comments

There are enough people commenting on the call itself.  What I don’t understand is why I keep hearing “the legitimacy of the league is in question.”?  How are the games not legitimate?  They are being played, the stats count, the good calls and bad calls are all a part of the record.  How is this not legitimate football?  It may be crappy football, but how is it not legitimate?  That makes no sense to me.
Speaking of things I don’t understand…why does Pat Shurmer remain employed?  How do you punt, down two scores with 6:00 minutes left?  There is no way you could raise the white flag any higher then punting away at that moment.  Insane.  Haslam needs to fire then entire management structure the moment he is officially declared the owner.  There is no reason to wait until the off season.  Either Cower or Gruden can come in immediately and start the changes.  Although Haslam would probably have to buy out their existing contracts.

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